How to create a profile?

If you're experiencing trouble creating a profile, here's how to do it by registering


STEP 1: Go to home page ( ) and click on REGISTER. See the screenshot below:

STEP 2:  If you're a new user, ignore everything that shows up on the next page after  you click "REGISTER" and just click on the PayPal button. See the screenshot below:

STEP 3: Complete the next payment steps by logging into your PayPal Account. See the screenshot below:

STEP 4: After successful payment, you'll be redirected back to BJJ Dating website and you'll be required to verify your email. Just open the link we send you to verify your email. If you don't see the verification email please check your SPAM folder.

STEP 5: After verifying your email, you should see this page. See the screenshot below: Fill in the details and click Save profile.


NOTE: In case you don't see the page above, just go to "MY ACCOUNT" and click on "CREATE PROFILE". See the screenshot below:


Still having trouble? Let us know. Our email: [email protected]