Why Couples Who Train Martial Arts Together Have More Fun:

1) They thrive on adventure

UFC Superstar Ronda Rousey and her boyfriend, Travis Browne, train at the same gym.

Martial artists learn to take risks because they spend a great amount of time outside their comfort zone. This develops their daring side, which allows them to embrace the unknown. As a result, they are always open to trying new things and they welcome new experiences with open arms.

Put two badass daredevils together, and they will make life one great adventure, because the world is their playground. It doesn’t matter whether it’s exploring the most obscure corners of the earth, trying a new martial art, or jumping over fire at the finish line of an obstacle course race. This couple is game for anything and everything that shows up in their path.

2) They enjoy everything they do

Super couple, 35 year old Jerome Bernasconi and 29 year old Nicole Lee-Bernasconi, are Evolve MMA students.

Training martial arts teaches you to stay optimistic, even in the toughest moments. That’s why couples who train martial arts together are usually on the same side – the brighter, happier one.

Although there are moments when one of them might feel disheartened, like if he/she isn’t able to figure out that challenging technique, the other would always be there to spur him/her on. They always want the best for each other and would do whatever it takes to keep that smile on their other half’s face.

Being optimistic together causes their positive energy to rub off on each other. Hence, they are able to take on life’s challenges together. What’s more, they are always able to find the fun in everything they do, even while carrying out day-to-day tasks.

3) They are generally happy and stress-free

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn and his professional Muay Thai fighter girlfriend, Angie Wong.

Try beginning your day working out with your sweetheart, and you’ll understand why some couples choose to kick start their mornings at the gym with their other half.

Apart from giving them some extra time together before heading to work or school, an intense workout gives them the energy to power through the day! This is all thanks to the endorphins that their brains release. Besides giving them that boost of extra energy, these endorphins keep them happy and reduces stress.

4) They never run out of things to discuss

UFC Superstars Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway are UFC’s first couple.

A shared passion for martial arts gives this couple plenty of things to talk about, from dissecting new techniques to discussing the results of the latest fight they saw on TV. There is never a dull moment for them as they are always learning, growing and finding out more about each other.

Also, when they progress as martial artists (and as a couple), they understand each other on a much deeper level. This is because they see each other in their best and worst states during training. When this happens, they learn to embrace every aspect of their other half and this helps them truly appreciate one another – not just as training partners, but as individuals.

5) They share a special bond

BJJ World Champion couple Augusto Tanquinho and Mackenzie Dern.

Any couple that trains martial arts starts off by making a commitment to get healthier together. That means they’re always on the same page when it comes to training schedules, food choices and goals.

By having a shared desire to get healthier and stronger, they have chosen to embark on the same journey (and of course, reach their destination) together – as a team.

We believe that this bond is the secret to making your relationship unbreakable. Think about it, you’ll be spending a great deal of quality time with your favorite person – while getting into the best shape ever, together!

Are you now convinced that couples who train martial arts together have more fun? Take your relationship to greater heights by training martial arts with your significant other!

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