This past weekend I attended a female bjj camp and the horror stories I heard motivated me to write this.

A worrying majority of women had been harassed or just had shit interactions in some way at their gym by/with gross dudes. Things like:

  • Copping an intentional handful of boob.
  • Obviously intentional hand inside rashguard.
  • Whispering weird shit in their ears.
  • Doing weird shit to the crotch area!
  • Asking “doesn’t your boyfriend/husband get jealous that you do this?”
  • Sending pictures of their dicks.
  • Saying they like to watch two girls roll.
  • Refusing to roll because “I wouldn’t want to mess up your hair”
  • Refusing to roll with a woman.
  • Asking women out, fucking stop it. It makes them feel like they have to change gyms if they say no!

If you are this guy…do better. If you’re not this guy but see it happening, do something about it and be better that the creep!!! The culture of your gym is what you settle for and are ok with and condone.

I was fucking appalled. Nobody should have to feel intimidated or unsafe when doing anything!

It is a close contact sport and there is really no space for gross fuckery.

You have the luxury of feeling safe and respected while doing something you love, afford others the same!

Thank you!



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