Could Tantric Activation be what you need to spice up your sex life?

There are nuances to learning how to date that are helpful and good to learn but the number one key to dating is confidence. I’m not talking about bravado, ego or narcissism. I’m talking about true confidence that comes from within.

Our sexuality is a major contributing factor to confidence. When someone has sexual confidence, it shows up in all areas of their lives. It’s the well spring of our life force energy.

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When we’re dating, we’re typically looking for someone that we’re attracted to but also that we feel safe with. That safety allows us to surrender and surrender is vital to sexual pleasure. When an individual has done personal development work, when they’ve looked deeply at their own shadow, when they’ve been able to accept all parts of themselves, then they will be able to fully show up for their partner. If the person that we are with, can’t accept all of themselves, then they won’t be able to accept all of us. We can sense that in another person subconsciously although most people don’t fully realise what they are looking for. If they can’t accept all of us then
we feel rejected. Confidence stems from this place of truly knowing oneself.

I work with men specifically around sexual confidence. Guys are very attached to their dicks and whether or not they are using them the right way. Honestly, most guys aren’t. Most men are barely scratching the surface of what they can do with their dicks. They have such power and they don’t know how to tap into it.

Tantra teaches guys how to master their sexuality. I train daily with men in Jiu Jitsu. I see their dedication to this mastery. They can apply the same dedication to becoming a sexual master. Imagine a man that has both mastered the mat and the mattress. He will be unstoppable. This is the ultimate warrior. A man that can both satisfy and protect the woman that he is with. Many guys can do neither and women are becoming less and less attracted to men because of this. We live in a time when women don’t need men but we still desire them and these qualities in a man are desirable. Develop this and the dating game will be a piece of cake.

Most men want sex and a lot of them aren’t getting it. I know why and I can teach them new ways of being with women that will give them the best possibility of getting what they want. They’re already on the right track by developing themselves and training in martial arts but if they can’t satisfy her in bed once she’s shown up there, the whole fantasy that she’s had in her head about him will be shattered. Much of women’s eroticism comes from these fantasies. I can help.

As a certified Sex Coach that specializes in Men's Sexuality, I work with men to help them become advanced lovers and sexual masters. Often, these men experience premature ejaculation, difficultly getting hard or staying hard, porn addiction, inability to bring the woman they are with to orgasm and much more. I guide them through these challenges so that they can meet their goals. Sex Stallion Training is an online course. Through video and audio guides, I train men in the fundamentals of Tantric sex. Tantric sex is a way of making love that doesn't get boring, stale or stagnant. You'll learn how to control ejaculation, separate orgasm from ejaculation, have multiple orgasms, full body orgasms and to move your sexual energy in an empowered way. I also offer private coaching through video chat. Private coaching really gets into the shadow parts of sexuality. We look at everything that has impacted the way that you currently express yourself sexually. This is where you get to know yourself. Most men feel shame or guilt around their sexuality and they project that outwardly or internally and it manifests as sexual disorders. We work together to heal that. 

I came into the BJJ community already having a profession as a Sex Coach. My way of living as a confident and sexually embodied woman has thrown a lot of people off. They didn’t know how to react. There’s been much love and also much criticism. I show up as me where ever I show up. I’ve seen in this community men with incredible potential. Many are already warriors and mastering this aspect of their sexuality can take them to the next level. As a community, it can also help with the sexual misconduct that sometimes arises. People that are empowered sexually don’t need to engage in sexual misconduct. I’m here to empower people which is also the spirit of Jiu Jitsu. I love the BJJ community and seeing these men become the best lovers on the planet will be my greatest pleasure.

To find out more, visit and @sarrahrosejiujitsu

🤙🏼 Sarrah Rose


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