If you are reading this, and are single, you probably take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes and have an attractive member of the opposite sex in your class. You are probably also addicted to BJJ so hard that dating someone who doesn't practice the sport is out of the question. So what do you do?


If you are a guy and you approach a BJJ girl the wrong way, you are going to seem like a creep, and she will never want to roll with you again. If you are a girl you probably don't want to come off as a fan girl coming to class in full make-up. You want to appear as serious as you are on the mats, but goddamn that blue belt with a man bun is hot (I'm speaking as the hot blue belt guy with a man bun. I know it can't be easy ladies).


Also everyone knows that we are there to train! It is a social activity but when can you even squeeze in a quick flirt as a girl to get his attention. Guys have an entirely more difficult problem to deal with. This is a dating website blog so it is assumed that everyone is over 18 here. As a guy, you have to roll with your BJJ crush thinking about your grandmother the whole time so no accidents happen. You become forced to figure out how to transition from half guard, to open guard to create some space..


All in all it is a great place to meet the significant other of your dreams, but it's the worst place in the world perhaps to start up the conversation. I could be wrong about all of this by the way, and that's fine.


So what the heck do you do? (I have not tried ANY of these techniques. But if I was going to, this is what I would do.)


See if they are on bjjdating.com

Have good hygiene without trying too hard

Hit them up on Facebook or Instagram

Ask them out


If they are on bjjdating.com just ask them out silly!! This is a no-brainer. Consider yourself lucky and write us a testimonial when you get married!


If they aren't a member of the site then you need to go about things the right way.


You MUST have good hygeine. If you are trying to attract a person, it is important to try to be as "attractive" as possible. This does not mean that you have to be a male or female model, but that you have to at least attempt to not have your nose hairs dangling down, chest hair (if you have it) pouring out of your gi top, and to make sure that you do not smell like ammonia. 


Our sport is conducted within such close proximity that it is important be as pleasant as possible when sweating all over someone.


You can tell by a person's body language if you are a possibility or not.


Wedding ring? Run. Don't even play


Over time you will get to know someone's name. You can ask them a little bit about themselves. You will find that most BJJ academies have their own social media ring. Become a part of yours! When you feel that the time is right (meaning that you won't come off as a stalker or something, which you better not be against a BJJ trained person) invite them to connect over social media.


Once you are connected, you can analyze if this is a person that you would even want to date ANYWAY! Who knows you may come to find out that this person is someone you are completely philosophically contrary to. You can also find out if they are in a relationship. If they are RUN!


If they are single, are addicted to BJJ, and seem to be somebody that you would totally hit it off with; go ahead and just ask them out sometime. By this point it shouldn't come off as awkward, and if it does don't worry about it. The other person is more than likely flattered if you have followed the above steps. And who knows, they may change their mind in the near future.


You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.


Keep on rolling out there and good luck!


Feel free to share with a single BJJ buddy!


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