The 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Jiu-Jitsu Love!


1. New Kimono/Gi - Over time our gis begin to acquire wear, tear and bad smells that eventually won't go away. Keep your BJJ loved one looking and smelling fresh on the mats with a new kimono. There are many brands to chose from, that is for you to decide. It is probably best to not buy any flamboyant colors. Keep it white, blue or black.

2. No Gi Apparel - Some Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts do not train with a kimono and others train with and without the gi. For those loves of ours we can buy them rashguards and spats! These look awesome and keep your mate's skin safe from irritation and some communicable skin diseases. Eww. Ringworm.

3. Jiu-Jitsu Graphic T-shirt - There are tons of graphic T-shirts to buy online that will let your mate rep BJJ outside of the gym.

4. Books - There is plenty of reading material available on Amazon that your beloved Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast will love. If they don't have Jiu-Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro, get that.

5. DVD's - You may have some sticker shock when it comes to the prices of Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets but they are worth every penny! The information that your loved one will acquire will be useful for life!

6. Subscriptions - Many of the elite BJJ artists have their own paid websites. Buying our love a year subscription to one of them will surely make them happy. Look for MGinAction, AOJ online, 10thPlanetOnline, Keenan Online, etc.

7. Athletic Tape - If you want a great stocking stuffer, definitely get rolls of athletic tape! Everyone that does Jiu-Jitsu either needs tape, will need tape, or knows someone at their academy that needs to borrow some RIGHT NOW!

8. Custom Mouthguard - Google up some custom mouthguard companies and have your loved one a custom mouthguard made. You can make a design that you know they will love and keep their pearly whites safe while sparring.

9. Private Lessons - You can get private lessons from their own instructor OR from one of your love's heroes out of state. Send them on a little trip to train with the best. Go with them, or stay at home and enjoy some time away.

10. Personalized Belt - Buy them a new belt, correct color, and have it engraved with their name, message or the date that they got promoted to that rank. They will love you for it.

If you truly love your BJJ mate you will buy them all 10 things! If you only love them a little bit you can buy me all 10 of those things!

Have a Merry Christmas from!

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