A Really Awesome Jiu-Jitsu Wedding Story


In 2009, Heather and Rocky met while he was finishing a concrete patio for her parents. They both introduced themselves, thinking nothing would come of the short introduction. Soon, however, their eyes locked, and they both knew that they felt something indescribably different than anything they had felt before inside.


They had a brief, casual conversation about marital arts and training for a bit, but soon parted ways, never knowing when and where they would meet again.


Nearly one year later without seeing or speaking to one another, they realized that they were soul mates and were meant to be together. After their realization, they talked daily about everything on their minds. Both Rocky and Heather knew that their one-of-a-kind love was remarkable. Once they became comfortable, they began blending their families together. Rocky's four daughters and Heather's twin daughters instantly connected and felt a sisterly bond. Even though there were some hardships, trials, and tribulations, Heather and Rocky both knew that their love for each other would pull them through the challenges.


In 2012, Rocky proposed to Heather and she happily accepted.


In 2015, Rocky and Heather decided to purchase a historic Church located at 111 Falls Avenue in Wabash, Indiana in order to convert it into a Martial Arts Academy where they could both share their love for Jiu Jitsu with their community. On May 1, 2016, it was only fitting that they would share their love for each other and Jiu Jitsu with a Jiu Jitsu themed wedding on the mats and in proper attire, married by their Sensei and ordained minister Carlson Gracie Black Belt Alan Stockman of Indianapolis Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu located in Greenwood, Indiana.


They are now lovingly married and are on top of the world and the mats! Oss!
















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