How To Get The Guy You Like In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class To Notice You


Getting a boy/girl to notice and like you in your BJJ class will have much different procedures than if both of you are in the same class at school. Nevertheless, this [blog] will help guide you in getting that certain someone to turn from sparring partner to love interest in a matter of time.


Try to Spar with Your Crush. Depending on the BJJ facility you train at, some pair you up around the same height/weight/belt color (margin of error) when you start to spar. It will help if your crush is around the same belt color/height/weight/probably age, so your coaches can pair you up with him/her more often, and then you are given more opportunities to talk to him/her 🙂 If you aren't around the same color belt, height, etc, don't fret! You may be given some opportunities to spar with him/her. If for some reason, you aren't able to to spar with your crush, if both of you come early to class, and if you are allowed the mat, ask you crush if she/he would like to spar with you (make sure a coach is around to supervise).


Try Talking to Him/Her. If you are given the chance to talk to your crush, take it! Lets say both of you are sparring. You can ask your crush how to do a certain move (for example: how to do a proper triangle, omoplata, de la riva, etc). It will help a lot to ask your crush IF she/he is a higher belt color and/or is more advanced than you. If you are the one more experienced/higher belt color and you are asking how to do this move or that, it will make you seem somewhat "stupid" or ignorant. You may also look like you're trying to look stupid so your crush can "feel smart". I know it's weird, but your crush may take offense and may start to dislike you. But even if you are a lower ranking, don't ask too much or it will seem like you don't really know a lot. If there is an upcoming tournament/competition coming up, you can ask your crush on whether he/she is going. Other topics include what school he/she goes to (be careful when asking this question. You may come off as a stalker), what grade they're in, what activities does he/she do, etc.


Make 'em Laugh. Everyone likes someone with a sense of humor. Try to crack a few jokes here and there. Not like those corny "why did the chicken cross the road?" jokes, but tell a funny story that happened to you, or something similar. Remember; nobody likes a stick in the mud.


Check to See How Your Efforts Are Building Up. After doing all of what you could do, see how your crush reacts to your presence. Does he/she smile when he sees you? Does she blush? Or does she wrinkle her nose and try to avoid your gaze? Watch how your crush reacts to you and that'll most likely tell you whether they like you or not. Either that or he/she is a VERY good at acting. Try to look into more [articles] and search "How to know if a guy likes me" or vice versa for you boys.


The Clock Test. Many of you may know the clock test. The clock test tests whether a person stares at you (most likely because they like you). It works like this: first, keep looking at a certain area of the room. When you're sure at a certain time that your crush or someone else is staring at you, quickly look at the clock for a second, then quickly look at the person. If he/she is looking at the clock too, then most likely he/she may have been staring at you.


After Class. By any chance, if you think he/she is interested in you and all the signs say yes, then go for the next level: Ask him/she on a date. Or in anyone's case, it may not seem like a date at all. After BJJ class, if he/she has been waiting around for a bit, ask him/her if she or he has a ride. If she/he does, ask if she/he would like to go out for coffee or smoothies while she/he waits for their ride (see first what restaurants or cafes are around first). If you get a no for an answer, don't think of it as a complete rejection. She/he probably would love to come with you, but maybe his/her parents will pick him/her up soon.


Friend Me? If you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace, etc., why not ask him/her if she has one of those social networks? If s/he says s/he has one, then follow/friend them. If not, then just shrug it off. But if you don't have the guts to ask, then search them up. So it won't be obvious that you like him/her, friend/follow other people at your BJJ place so it'll look like you just want to be friendly and friend/follow them If your crush says s/he doesn't have a Facebook, etc, or doesn't believe in it, or isn't allowed to have it for any reason one, please DO NOT persuade him/her to get one or tell him/her to just secretly make one so his/her parents won't find out. Even if s/he does make one after your persuasions, don't think so highly of yourself. S/he probably just made it to shut you up, and will think of you as someone who's immature, annoying, and irresponsible.


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