What To Expect In The Coming Weeks

May 29, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog


What To Expect In The Coming Weeks


The launch has been great! People are joining and enjoying the user experience so far. The features of the site are working so now we begin working on improvements!


Most obviously we are working on the mobile app. It will take a bit of time but not too much. When the app is released members will be able to fully control their account and browse profiles. All methods of communication (chat rooms, messaging) will be available within the app.


We are also currently working on expanding chat room customization. We want to add more rooms and allow for custom avatars. There will be multiple graphic improvements to the site as well.


Other than that we are going to keep spreading the word to get the site full of profiles! There will be contests, membership giveaways, prizes, meetups annd games. The blog will be active and will be geared at Jiu-Jitsu and relationship issues.


This is only the beginning my friends.


- Tony Peranio