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Finally there is a place where grapplers can meet and feel comfortable approaching each other! If you are anything like myself you have given up dating for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To a non-practitioner this may sound odd; unhealthy even. Those who practice BJJ however, can completely identify. BJJ is an addictive sport that keeps us healthy and in shape in a world full of people that simply "toe the line". We who practice generally want to spend our lives doing Jiu-Jitsu and therefore we would like to have relationships with people who also practice our art.


You do not have to only be interested in finding love to be a member of bjjdating.com. There is a vast section of this site for people who are just seeking roll buddies nearby! Not all of us are blessed with having BJJ academies within a short distance, so oftentimes we are forced to make due by training among friends. If that is your situation, bjjdating.com is also for you.


Why 99 cents?


This site is 99 cents for a couple of reasons.


1) Hosting and development. This site is fully functional now but many more features are coming, including a mobile app. All of this costs money, and it's far more than 99 cents.


2) Preventing fake accounts. This is the main reason. Unfortunately there are people who like to troll and have "bots" create multiple fake accounts. There are 0 fake accounts at bjjdating.com and we intend to keep it that way. One solution is instilling a small membership fee. Very few internet trolls are willing to pay to ruin the entertainment of others.


Those of you who know me (I hope to get to know you all!) know that I know how to cultivate a fun and entertaining environment. I guarantee you will find this site to be that. It is my personal endeavor to bring you the most value for your dollar.


If you haven't joined yet, come check it out! If you have joined, thank you and welcome aboard! OSS!


- Tony Peranio





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